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Welcome to Mrs. Sterling's English Class!

All the info you need is at your fingertips...





Check Assignments

  1. Poetry Anthology Due January 17 - You need 5-8 poems by published authors, an interpretation, analysis and identification of poetic devices for each.

          Additionally you need 1 original poem and pages 205-208 in your Springboard book completed.



Complete Poetry Anthology - Due Jan. 17


Course calendar

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Outside Resources


Find your favorite poems 


Your thoughts...

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Check Assignments

  1.  Publication cover of "Into the Wild"

  2. Classmate interview and presentation

  3. Characterization of Chris McCandless

  4. What others think of Chris



 Read chapters 1-11 by January 16


Course calendar


Outside Resources

Alaska responds to Chris' death.

 Oprah show discussions with Chris's family after his death.






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